Flexible Cystoscopy With Urodynamics

Urodynamics is a functional assessment of the lower urinary tract. It uses pressure monitors to help determine how your bladder fills and empties.

Prior to procedure

You do not need to have a full bladder or fast prior to the test. Please allow at least 3 hours from the time that you arrive.

When you arrive at the hospital a nurse will give you an oral antibiotic as a preventative or prophylaxis for infection, even though infection risk is very low.

A local anaesthetic (lignocaine) gel will be inserted into the urethra which will help minimise discomfort from insertion of the transducer catheters.

Flexible Cystoscopy with Urodynamics
Flexible Cystoscopy with Urodynamics

Details of the procedure

Initially a flexible cystoscopy is performed. A flexible camera is inserted into your urethra which travels up into your bladder. You will be able to view the image on a screen as it is being performed and your bladder will be filled up with fluid.

You can then empty your bladder into a special toilet that has an attached uroflowmeter which measures the flow rate and the volume passed.

A catheter is then inserted into the rectum and bladder.  These transducers measure the pressure in your bladder and abdomen.

The bladder is then slowly filled with normal saline (salty water) and you will be asked when you feel the sensation of filling, when you would normally go to the toilet, and when you cannot hold any longer or are “busting”.  At various times throughout the procedure you will be asked to cough to ensure the transducer catheters remain in their correct position.

Once your bladder is full, you will be carefully taken over to the uroflowmeter toilet to empty your bladder. Once you have finished voiding, all catheters are removed and the procedure is complete.

After the procedure

Dr Chong will explain the results and formulate a plan of care. Any accompanying family or friends are welcome to be involved in this discussion

You may see a small amount of blood in your urine and experience burning when you next void. Usually these symptoms are of short duration (24-48 hours).