Ureteric Stents

A ureteric stent is a fine flexible thin hollow tube that is inserted into your ureter (the tube that drains urine from the kidneys to the bladder). It is held in place by a coil on either end that sits in the kidney and bladder.

Stents generally are 24-26cm in length or the average length of a normal ureter. It is placed at the time of the cystoscopy or procedure.

After kidney stone procedures, the ureter can become swollen and the stent prevents it from blocking.

Stents may stay in for many months. After kidney stone surgery however, the stent is usually removed after only a few weeks. You can return to normal daily activities once you are discharged from hospital. There are no real restrictions in regards to sexual intercourse.

The stent is generally be removed by a flexible cystoscope that is passed into your bladder.  The stent is grasped under vision and gently pulled out.

Ureteric Stents
Potential Side Effects - Uretic Stents

Potential Side Effects

The stent can irritate the urinary tract leading to the following symptoms:

Ways to keep comfortable

What to look out for

Ureteric Stents - Ways to keep comfortable