Patient Care

We value your referrals and commit to providing your patients with the best care and treatment possible.  As part of that commitment, we will keep you updated on their treatment and you can expect to receive letters and reports within a few days of the consultation with your patient. We use Medical Objects for electronic correspondence.

For any challenging cases or urgent referrals, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist as best as we can. One of our urologists is usually in the office for urgent advice. In addition, we have a specialist urology nurse available from Monday to Thursday.

We can accommodate urgent appointments and will go into action quickly for your patients, when necessary.

As part of our commitment to the community our urologists work in both the private and public sectors with access to the John Hunter Hospital and Belmont Hospital. They are on the ‘on-call’ roster, public operating lists and clinics.

We value your feedback and welcome your input.

Patient Care